Why Should You Buy Giovanni Violin | A Detailed Review

Giovanni violin is the choice of advanced professional players. While searching for the advanced violin, your search usually narrows to searching for a violin that suits the specific taste of the players. If you are thinking of buying a violin online, then don’t just go for and pick it without any comprehensive research. Here you can face issues at the end and end up with the instrument you don’t like. So what to do?

If you are shopping around online, you definitely should have some knowledge and prior information before picking. This Giovani violin review will help you in this perspective. Hopefully, by reading it, you will have an obvious decision whether the Giovanni violin suits your needs or not.

We get into detail about its features, quality, and customer reviews so you can clearly understand it.

Why should you buy a Giovanni violin?

The Giovanni violin is well made and is the choice of professional players. It is a handmade violin that gives a beautiful outlook and elegant tone. Moreover, it offers an excellent projection of the violinist’s balanced and mellow sound. It is a soft-looking violin and an excellent choice for your performance needs. So it would help if you bought it as a perfect gift. It’s marvelous and will make you fall in love with it.

What about the quality and construction of Giovanni’s violin?

The Giovanni violin has an elegant appearance at first impression as it is a handcrafted design with lovely dark oil varnish and flamed maple back. The solid wood-carved material and hand-carved French Aubert bridge make it a beautiful instrument.

It has a beautiful tailpiece, pegs, fittings, and a 100% ebony fingerboard. The zyex string adds more elegance to its appearance and beautiful sound. Above all, it has a beautiful handmade finish. Not only does it look soft and beautiful, but it is a well-made design with beautiful, sturdy construction and a robust sound.

What about its sound quality?

Its sound is just marvelous and mesmerizing. This excellent aesthetic violin has great strings and ebony fittings that give it a full and rich tone. Its remarkable voice and lovely sound make it popular among professional players.

These beautiful instruments produce a sound that has filled with characters and emotions. Its brilliant sound will deliver a more significant performance and a balanced tone. So overall we can say that it offers a warm and rich sound quality.

Key Features of the Giovanni violin

  • Giovanni’s violin featured a handmade design
  • It used 100 years of aged wood in its construction.
  • It also featured a hand-carved featured French Auber bridge with zyex string for exquisite sound quality.
  • It fits 4/4 violin sizes.
  • The Giovanni violin has inlaid purling and pre-setup design.
  • The violin has a rich, satiny appearance and a gorgeous dark look.
  • It has a subtle and nuanced tone that makes sure it produces a balanced and mellow sound.
  • The violin features an excellent projection, making it perfect for a professional choice.
  • It features a more soft look with professional sound quality.
  • The excellent wood bow and hinder shine rosin are also specifications of the violin.

What will be in the box?

The Giovanni will not come in the carrying case or shoulder rest. So do not expect extra accessories to go with t. It would help if you bought it separately. Furthermore, the Giovani violin will come with a 45-day return policy.

You can only buy it online via Antonio Strad, which is unavailable on Walmart and Amazon. If you are ordering it inside the USA, then you can get free shipping Via FedEx.

Customer reviews of Giovanni’s violin

Giovanni violin has so many positive customer reviews on the official website of Antonio Strad. The site has a lot of customer reviews that sing the praise of the violin. Here we will enlist some of them, so you know better about the Giovanni violin’s impression and quality.

“Lauren c stated that she loves the instrument quality and customer support response of the violin. She said the team is responsible and friendly and she finds no issue in any queries about the product. Furthermore, she said her son loves to play the violin and surprising his teacher and sound with the notes that he normally misses. Last but not least she is happy with the great performance and easy tune. “

Another customer said;

“Philip W. stated that he has a better sound quality experience with this violin. He thought he made the best possible decision to purchase this instrument. According to philip it totally worth the money and looked greata.”



Well build design

Sound and projection can be improved

Easy to use and play

High-quality construction

Excellent projection

Pre-set-up design

Nuanced tone

Hard finished

Final verdict

So that is all the Giovanni Violin review. It is a handmade advanced violin that offers a classic appeal in its look. The best choice for those who want to invest in a good quality and good proceed instrument with professional quality. It is a bit pricey instrument. However, it is worth the money, and you will love the voice it produces and the excellent build quality it offers. So you should buy it if you want something that offers excellent projection and great sound quality.

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