How many Stradivarius violins are there in the world?

The incredible facts and information about Stradivarius Violins that you haven’t heard before

What is a Stradivarius?

Stradivarius violins are famous musical instruments because of their uniqueness, sound quality, playing the novel notes, and their costs.

Undoubtedly, if you are not a violinist or musician, you may have heard this shiny instrument many times in your life. In this piece of writing, you will have the well-researched and incredible features of the Stradivarius violins.

They start from the beginning of this product and other immense factors about these violins, which will amuse you and uncover and describe many things before you.

You will also find why the violinists of the day are willing to purchase this incredible violin of the time. And they are running to pay a high amount of price to get this musical instrument in their hands.

You will have the best and extra information about these products thoroughly like the creator of these violins, the copy of these instruments, their identification and costs.

Let’s talk about each thing one by one with musical notes.

Stradivarius violins worth, the most Expensive violin

How incredible this violin is; you can see that all the violinists dream of touching and playing this instrument once in their lives.

As much they are unique and special, they are as much expensive. There is no comparison of this ineffable violin.

The cost of regular violins ranging from $300 to 2000 Dollars. And whenever we talk about the  Stradivarius violins price, they are so expensive to reach out to.

In addition to this, the cost of Stradivarius violins is so much high, starting from 2 million dollars. And the most expensive Stradivarius violin is up to 20 million dollars.

The violinists in the world are obsessed with this, and you will see the desire to put their chin at the chin rest of such violin.

Who Owns Stradivarius violins?

A question arises in the mind that who did create the Stradivarius violin, the amazing creation. So, the answer is a violinist named Antonio Stradivari has created it.

He was born in 1644. He started working on his shop in Cremona, Italy. Furthermore, he did his work for making Stradivarius violins and other musical instruments until his death, 1737.

The early products he had made were simple and smaller in size. But over time, he had changed some frameworks to make the violins more exceptional and preferable.

Flourishment and the Golden period

In the early works of this fabulous artist, he made the violins smaller in size and solely constructed with a light yellow varnish over them for the last touch.

With time, he innovated and manipulated many other ideas on violins and musical instruments. Later on, he tried to make the violins larger, using Maple Tree Wood and Red varnish for the finishing.

These all things make it more reliable and charming than before. And these works took place in 1700; the period from 1700 to 1725 is known as the Golden period of Stradivarius violins.

He had made the best and versatile violins at that time. One of these violins is in the United States Library of Congress. Through this, you can imagine how important and worthy they are.

Stradivari violin vs. Regular violin

Although this violin creation is not much different in its look and appearance from the usual instruments, the sound coming from this stuff holds the breaths; the feel of playing the Stradivarius violins grabs the soul; the holding sense and the other factors make your musical journey delightful.

When you touch the violin strings with the bow, this incredible and the best violin in the world touches the strings of your heart with its musical notes.

Its unique design, perfect structure, and played notes are different from the regular violins. Also, Stradivarius violins are worthier than the common violins.

How many Stradivarius violins are there in the world?

Antonio Stradivari died in 1737 at the age of 93, and the number of Stradivarius instruments was calculated.

They were 1100 in numbers, So, the question is that how many Stradivarius violins are left in the world? The answer is there are 650 instruments are left. 250 Violins are there from these 650.

Many of them are still working for many years. They still sound the same and perform well as a newly manufactured product.

Concepts and Researches about Stradivarius Violins

Researchers are trying to get the idea of how does Stradivarius violin work incredibly? The notes produced by the instrument are incredible and brilliant as compared to the recent violins.

There are many theories and concepts about the sound production of this musical instrument. Some people say that these violins are unimaginable and fantastic because of the wood used in making these products.

Some people think the design of these violins, the f holes’ size, and the varnish make this violin unique. But there is a role of every factor to make it more reliable and durable.

Other concepts from the people are, the density of the wooden structure is well balanced and uniform. Therefore, it has been providing excellent sound.

The findings of researches on Stradivarius violins

The conclusion is drive by many experiments that have been performed in 2017. The experiments are like passing these instruments through x rays and CT scans.

It shows that some factors have made the Stradivarius violin unique and ranked. Here the findings of the researchers are that Stradivari had made the different design and the larger f-holes.

That’s why these violins are producing such acoustic notes. And it is much audible to the violinists; that is why he better understands the coming sound.

Copy of Stradivarius violins

In the 19th century, there had been many Stradivarius violins’ ‘copies produced with the name of the Stradivarius brand. They attached the Stradivarius label to every newly built violin in that century.

For recognizing the copy of the Stradivarius violin, the Stradivarius label is not enough to discriminate. You must need an experienced person, who has great knowledge and relationship with the violins and the market trends.

A person who has a good ability to distinguish between these different types of violins should be there.

Many times people do know that they are purchasing a copy or replica of the Stradivarius violin. People do love the original product.

That’s why they want to have some imaginative feeling of the violins of the 17th century with less amount of price. Anyhow, the Instant of the time to hold a violin ranging from 2 million dollars to 20 million dollars in your hand shocks you and blows your mind up.

This thing has a great value over the copy of Stradivarius violin value. The original is always original.

Stradivari Works

Another fact about the Stradivarius instruments, Stradivari did not make only the violins. You can have his work in the shape of harps, guitars, cellos, and mandolins.

Stradivari got fame because of his regular innovations in making the violins. He tried to refine the structure and interior of violins as efficiently and musically as possible.

Number of Stradivarius Products

Although you can not even answer the exact numbers of Stradivarius instruments left globally, there are almost around 250 violins (sometimes 244) left behind in the world.

And most of them are still in use. There are around 12 cellos and 55 violas that are still surviving today.

The most famous Stradivarius violins in the world

You can find the list of Stradivarius violins and other musical instruments, which are the most amazing and fabulous that comes to our minds first when we talk about music, sounds, and notes.

Some of the most expensive Stradivarius violins are La Pucelle , The ex-Szigeti Stradivari, ex-Kochanski Guarneri del Gesù, and The ex-Carrodus Guarneri del Gesù.


Why are Stradivarius violins so expensive?
Stradivarius violins were originated in the 17th century, and they got importance in the earliest 19th century. They are so expensive. Jaya is being sold and purchased in millions of dollars due to its unique sound, design, and performance. That is made by a famous violin maker Stradivari. Before 250 years, a product was made, and it is still working; this is a heart-winning point for having these in your hands.
How many Stradivarius violins were made?
Anthony Stradivari has made almost 1100 musical instruments, from which 650 instruments are surviving today, and from these 650 musical instruments, 244 violins are accounted for, and the people are still using them. Some people say that they are 250 in numbers. So, it’s a little hard to tell the correct one. But almost 240 to 250 violins are left in the world.
How much does a Stradivarius violin cost?
In the early 19th century, many copies were sold in Stradivari products, which were less than the Stradivarius violin price. Nowadays, the cost of Stradivarius violins is starting from 2 million dollars and going high up to 20 million dollars. These prices are getting higher and higher and getting doubled after each decade. These are expensive, but people do love and desire to have such musical instruments in their hands.
How to identify the original Stradivarius violins?
This is a very hard thing for a normal person or a new violinist to identify which is the original Stradivarius violin or copy of Stradivarius violins. For this purpose, you need an experienced person who has great knowledge and work experience with thousands of instruments. You can not only recognize this Stradivarius brand name on the violins. This thing is not enough. Although these Stradivarius products are less in numbers, there are specific collectors for carrying these musical instruments.
How many Stradivarius cellos are there?
You can not tell the exact number of Stradivarius instruments like cellos and violas. There are around 12 cellos there in the world. And if you talk about violas, 55 violas are remaining. The total number of Stradivarius instruments was 1100 and from which there are 650 instruments left in the world today.
What kind of wood is a Stradivarius violin made of?
In the early era of the making of Stradivari violins, they were smaller in size. And the wood for manufacturing these instruments was the wood Maple Tree. It had provided strength to the structure. Furthermore, the light yellow varnish was used for giving the violin the vest look.

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