10 Beautiful Violin Solos Sheet Music | Free Download

It is very important to learn some solo pieces to play, whether a beginner or an advanced violinist. In this post, you will achieve an in-depth guide to violin solos for players of all levels.

Beautiful violin solos sheet music

There are thousands of choices from which you can select as the world of music is very vast. In this short Reference Guide, I have shown some of my favorite violin solos and categorized them according to the level of skill and experience.

Here, you can learn easy songs and intermediate ones, which are considered to be excellent choices for auditions. After reading this post, you will feel very satisfied because we are trying to make you ready for auditions.

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Easy violin solos

Easy violin solos look like natural solos. Here you will learn about naturally playing solos so that you can become a passionate violinist.

Below are some of the best violin solo pieces for beginners.

1. Minuet No. 1 – J.S. Bach

Minuet No. 1 - J.S. Bach

J.S. Bach stands for Johann Sebastian Bach, who wrote various music pieces for beginners and intermediate players. He was considered to be the most passionate and world’s greatest composer. These are not very hard tunes, and with a little practice, you will be able to master these beginner tunes before you know it.

Whenever you are thinking of learning entry-level violin pieces, it is considered a great violin solo for beginners. The beginners who have been playing for six months to a year can easily try this violin tune. So if you are an early beginner and trying different folk songs, now it’s the time to go for some classical music by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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2. Minuet No. 2 – J.S. Bach

Minuet No. 2 – J.S. Bach

It is considered a bit challenging violin solo because when you start playing it, it will be a next-level piece.

This second tune is just like the first one but increases playing stamina with length and is similar to some new twists and turns.

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3. Gavotte – F.J. Gossec


Gavotte - F.J. Gossec

Although it is a simple violin tune, it is still challenging for beginners. When you start playing this tune, you will find it playful and lighthearted. So if you want to impress your friends and family or an audience, then this one is made for you.

The main important thing is to build your stamina. If we talk about this tune, then it adds complexity when you start. After some time, you will get used to playing it for a longer period. Most surprisingly, it is considered to be a beginner-friendly solo, so start practicing it.

Intermediate violin solos

Now, we have moved towards intermediate violin solos. Although it is a bit complex as a beginner violin solo, you can easily play it after practicing the previous ones.

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1. Gavotte from Mignon – A. Thomas

Gavotte from Mignon – A. Thomas

When you are ready to take on more challenging music tunes, this one is made for you. It is a great solo violin piece for intermediate players. But make sure that you have practiced it again and again, even for hours.

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2. Minuet in G -L. van Beethoven 

Minuet in G -L. van Beethoven

Johann Sebastian Bach was considered to be the world’s passionate composer all over world. He wrote many beautiful solo pieces both for beginners and intermediate violin players. With enough practice, you will be able to master these tunes. This violin solo is short and simple, but it also adds styles and complex rhythms.

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3. Minuet -L. Boccherini

Minuet -L. Boccherini

Any person can easily judge this tune from television commercials and films. Many people play this tune at a recital. If you want a deep tune that will take your audience to the next level, then this is a violin solo for you.

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Violin solos for auditions

You can practice violin solos for auditions if you want a seat in a local folk band or if you want to join an orchestra. Keep in mind that auditions are a very difficult experience, so be prepared for it. However, if you have practiced the audition solos, no one can stop you from standing out. I assure you that you will impress your judges.

1. Student Concertino – A. Huber

Student Concertino - A. Huber

It is a 3 Page Concertino and is a good choice for an audition for those students who have been playing for 2 to 3 years. Keep in mind that it is a little bit longer song. So if you want to play it at the audition, the director wants to go for the shortest segment. But you can play some part of the song for the required time that the judge wants.

Through this audition solo, you have a great chance to showcase your talent in front of the world with your beautiful styles and tones. The song is an amazing combination of slow and fast pace to show off your personality and versatility in front of the audience.

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2. Concerto No. 2 (3rd Movement) – F. Seitz

Concerto No. 2 (3rd Movement) – F. Seitz

It is also a great violin solo for the players who have been playing for 2 to 3 years. This is an amazing song with a lot of variety with the help of which you can show different incredible skills to your audience. The song also comes with clear-cut sections which the director can pick and ask you to play.

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3. Concerto in a minor (1st Movement) – A. Vivaldi

Concerto in a minor (1st Movement) – A. Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi concerto is also a delightful experience and an excellent option when you are going for an advanced audition. Most people like this tune as it is delightful, making you happy at the moment.

If you are an advanced violin player and have played for 3 to 4 years, then this tune is made to wao your audition director. It is considered to be an advanced intermediate piece and also a great way to impress your audience.

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Famous violin solos

There are many famous violin solos from which the violin players and the particular audience are familiar. If you like these famous violin solo pieces, you can play and practice any one of them.

1. Meditation (From Thaïs) – Jules Massenet

Méditation (From Thaïs) – Jules Massenet

It is considered to be the all-time favorite violin solo for students. Most surprisingly, it is a stunning piece of enjoyment as well as an everlasting performance. I must recommend this tune to inspire your director at the auditions.

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