5 Best Electric Violins in 2022[Reviews & Buying Guide]

Musical tools are considerable when it comes to producing sound, music, and dealing with concerts. These are the resources of enjoyment, and among them, violin rocks very well. Many types of violin came in front of people with time, and violinists used them enthusiastically.

Nowadays, the best Electric Violin marks its higher place in the market. An electric violin is upgraded and can produce a sound that captivates mind and soul as well.

We have been providing a list of the best Electric Violin that meets the objective of buying this musical instrument. All these silent violins in the list look very cool and sound good. The uniqueness, modern style, and affordability are the exclusive features that differentiate them from other traditional violins.

Let us dive into the ocean of the best electric violins

Yamaha Electric Violin-YEV104BL

Yamaha Electric Violin-YEV104BL

If you have been looking forward to buying a violin for the shoulder rest, perfect choice, and quality, your requirements meet in the form of a Yamaha electric violin. This classy instrument is handcrafted, and the resonation of the frame helps keep the shoulder relaxed.

This gorgeous Yamaha electric violin has 04 strings that produce an incredible sound. The resonant and natural wood makes it a very organic instrument. Further, this electric violin with amplifier makes you able to use it without batteries and headphones.

The composition and improvisations can be enhanced through this electric violin. The adjustment of strings according to the need is also a matter of exclusive credibility.

The quality of this acoustic-electric violin is long-lasting, and once a violinist starts using this instrument, he would use it for a more extended period. Furthermore, the built-in reverb and fingerboard are the plus point that eradicates the chances of difficulty.

The color of this violin is attractive and suits every situation because this factor matters a lot while performing at any concert.

The Good

  1. Made of 6 types of wood
  2. Amazing design and shape
  3. Wonderful, high-quality sound
  4. Volume control and shoulder rest

The Bad

Sometimes you would have to buy violin strings separately

2. Cecilio CEVN-2BK Style 2 Silent

Cecilio CEVN-2BK Style 2 Silent

If you are looking for a violin that can help you regarding your concerts, stage-hold, and band place, Cecilio style two silent violins is the best electric violin for this purpose.

The Hand-carved solid maple wood body with an ebony fingerboard makes you satisfied with the durability of the product. Further, the pegs, chin rest, and tailpiece with four detachable nickel-plated fine tuners also add value to the beauty of the produced sound through this violin.

A lightweight hard case assures you of the longevity of the violin. Along with that, the Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair would make you able to use it quite effectively. Additionally, the quality rosin cake would produce too much friction between your bow hair and strings that would meet the objectives of using electric violin headphones.

Also, a bridge and aux cable in its accessories help connect with headphones and limit the music to yourself. Aux cable works for a lot of time, and its quality does not disappoint you. Later on, headphones in their accessories also create plus points and make things easier for violinists.

After that, this type of rock-related instrument is helpful for any genre, and we genuinely need to use the right ones that fit the job. Premium ebony and lightweight hard case make a beautiful combination that stimulates the users to use Cecilio CEVN- BK20 style 2 Electric violin. All in all, its functionality and excellence in work make all things easier for a violin lover.

The Good

  1. Electric violin headphones
  2. Ebony fingerboard
  3. A bridge and aux cable
  4. Use of genuine Mongolian horsehair
  5. Lightweight hard case
  6. Comes with many accessories

The Bad

  1. It has variations for the finger sizes.
  2. You would have to purchase headphones separately.

3. Barcus Berry, 4-String Violin

Barcus Berry, 4-String Violin

If you are a long-term user of violin and want it to withstand for years, Barcus Berry is reliable. It is a handcrafted violin entirely made of quality wood that cannot get any single scratch.

The entire hand-carved spruce top, maple back & sides serve you better and make you able to play it very interestingly. Further, the highly Seasoned German maple bridge with Barcus Berry 1320 piezo violin pickup would be considered a plus point for Barcus Berry.

After that, the sound quality of this instrument dominates all other sound qualities of violins. 4 strings in and the bow create a mutual combination that would satisfy you. Further, carbon fiber would surely make you able to use lines easily.

Moreover, less weight of this best electric violin does not hurt the arm, shoulder, and fingers.

The Good

  1. Less weight
  2. Four strings
  3. Wonderful sound quality
  4. Carbon fiber bow
  5. Appreciable longevity

The Bad

  1. It takes time to rosin the new bow, but it would rosin as soon as possible

4. Stagg EVN 4/4-Size Silent Violin

Stagg EVN 4/4-Size Silent Violin
Stagg EVN is a solid-bodied lacquered maple electric violin with many tunes, sound, and string features. There is no beautiful violin to present to your dear one except Stagg EVN 4/4 size silent violin.

Moreover, 4 Fine Tuners makes the violinist use them as quickly as he or she can.  2-Band EQ & Volume adjustment is the best option when it comes to settings. You can set it according to the requirement where you feel that it is comfortable.

As far as the Metallic Black feature is concerned, it is mind-blowing. Two different types of the G string and D string are of high quality. The most notable facility is that this violin is affordable even though it comes with headphones for beginners, strings, and multiple color selection.

Once you start using it for composition and improvisations, it would produce quality work. Although it has less weight, its construction is excellent and pure. This electric violin will not disappoint you in any case of work.

The Good

  1. 4 Fine Tuners
  2. 2-Band EQ & Volume
  3. Metallic Black
  4. G string and D string
  5. Affordable
  6. Headphones

The Bad

  1. Shipping can take time

5. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric

Traveler Guitar Ultra best electric violin
If you are looking for a violin you love to carry anywhere, your wait is over because Traveler guitar ultra-light is available. Its unique style and validity in the market make us do more and more.

A 30-inch scale acoustic-electric travel bass has an easy-to-grab service. So, guitar lovers can easily handle it. One of its prominent features is that it can fit in airline overhead bins in the included gig bag.

After that, a One-Piece Eastern American Hard Maple neck-through-body design is considered of high qualities and demands. The popularity and the positive rating of this guitar make the users love and use traveler guitar ultra-light acoustic-electric. Additionally, it includes a gig bag and detachable lap rest for those who wish to attend bigger concerts.

This instrument gives you the pleasure that satisfies you whenever you will play the violin. So, we can say that its playability would meet the purpose of buying an electric violin. Moreover, it is fit for stages and the accuracy you intend to have while using an electric guitar.

The Good

  1. Lightweight
  2. Tuning system
  3. For professional violinist
  4. Durable and reliable
  5. Compact and nice

The Bad

  1. The input jack may fell out after some months

Exclusive features of the best electric violin

Here are the electric violin features with an amplifier, the best electric violin for beginners, electric violin for sale, and acoustic-electric violin.

  • These top violins are handcrafted and classy.
  • The colors and sizes of these instruments are considerable, eye-charming, and easy to manage.
  • Some of the acoustic violins come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • High-quality 4 to 6 strings help create tone wonderfully.
  • These are updated musical instruments of a new era that is the era of technology.
  • You may use them for bigger concerts, stage shows, functions, and parties.
  • The recordings are the notable features of electric violins along with headphones.
  • Built-in reverbs can easily be set according to the needs.
  • A violinist can use them without using too much energy as compared to traditional violins.
  • Adjustment of tones and volume control are valuable.
  • The melody for any genre can be created through them quickly.
  • Lightweight complex cases work as protectors and take care of the violin properly. In this way, users feel comfortable taking them anywhere.
  • These tools also have shoulder rest belts that we can adjust according to the need.
  • Electric violin prices are affordable and reasonable.
  • Some of them come with batteries, and we don’t need to plug them in with electricity for good.
  • All in all, this rock-related instrument contains a fingerboard, regular bow, premium ebony, and quality strings.

Buying guide| How to purchase the best electric violin

The buying guide is one of the best parts/sections of this article. We would try to let you be aware of the facts and figures of buying an electric violin. Let us start.

Price/ budget

Are you worried about how much a violin is? Yes, it may happen because it is the priority to keep in mind while dealing with an electric violin. The budget clarifies the procedure, range, and need. In this way, you can purchase without any wastage of time. So, you should be clear about your budget. If you allow us to share one more thing, try to search for an electric violin for sale. Indeed, this will help you.


Sound is a thing that entertains us, and without spending time and effort, it is impossible to have quality sound. Even buying a silent violin, we analyze the sound. Therefore, you need to find one that you like the sound of, and you should also think about whether you want to have a silent violin when plugged in or one that can be played without electricity. So, be clear about the sound of the violin.


Electric violin 5 string is very popular in the market, and strings are the objects that help violists create friction with the bow hair. Later on, the strings must be flexible but firm. To keep in mind, some violins have four strings, and some have six strings.


The tone must be of very high standards because this will depict the quality of a violin. The natural pickup of advanced technology produces better sound. The acoustic tone is highly recommended when it comes to purchasing the best violin.


The second most important thing is build quality. You want an instrument that will last and can be used for many years to come. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, so investing a little extra money is always a good idea for musical instruments. 

Summary of the discussion and reviews

We have put everything into the top 5 electric violins with headphones, the best electric violin for sale, the electric violin with an amplifier, and the best electric violin for beginners. The qualities and the feature table of electric violins are clear to you.

Later on, if you set your mind to buy an electric violin, purchasing a guide would be enough to meet all the purposes of buying it. Moreover, these questions about violins would answer the remaining facts.

Frequently asked questions

When was the electric violin invented?
As far as the invention of an electric violin is concerned, it was in 1920 when Stuff Smith’s fingers (1909 – 1967), an American jazz violinist, came into reality successfully.After that, during the 1930s and the 1940s, there was an “Electro Stringed Instrument Corporation”, and Fender also manufactured some electric violins in the 1950s for selling purposes.Since then, electric violins got famous due to the rising technology, especially microphones that have converted many violinists to the domain of electricity.
How much do electric violins cost?
The cost varies from electric violin to violin because there are thousands of violins in the market with different tags of prices. If you are looking forward to buying an electric violin for under $300, try to use Stagg EVN 4/4 MRD Silent Violin. Most noteworthy, this is also called the best electric violin for beginners. On the other hand, if you want to buy an expensive violin, Barcus Berry, 4-String Violin is considerable and remarkable. Later on, you may check the prices of the best electric violins while clicking on the checklist prices we have mentioned there.
How much does an electric violin cost?
A single electric violin costs about $400. This price falls among all the categories and covers both affordable and expensive violin.
Which is the best electric violin for beginners?
The best electric violin for beginners is Stagg EVN 4/4 MRD Silent Violin. The easy-to-use features, quality settings, shoulder fit, and electric violin 5 string availability make everything easier for them.

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