12 Best Violin Brands and Their Masterpieces

To begin your violinist journey with a low-quality violin mean you have chosen to suffer. No surprise, it really happens when you make a decision of instruments judging their price and not the quality. That’s why we always recommend buying from the best violin brands.

Never want to face embarrassment on their products, the renowned brands produce violins with melodic sound. Their pieces are fascinating and easy to play. Learning violin turns out way easy just like that.

After skimming through dozens of violins available, consulting teachers, and close inspection of reviews, we have generated this list. Let’s go and look into each brand’s violin and find one best for you.

Comparing the Best Violin Brands and Their Exclusive Violins

Product Name



Top Material

Is it a kit or an individual Violin?

Bunnel Pupil Violin

7.78 pounds

40.25 x 12 x 7.75 inches

Carbon fiber, Maple, spruce, Ebony


Mendini By Cecilio Violin

5 pounds

32 x 12 x 5 inches



Eastar EVA-2 Violin

4.49 pounds

30.3 x 11.2 x 5.9 inches



D Z Strad LC101

5.19 pounds

32 x 12 x 6 inches

Maple, E bony, spruce


Stentor II 1500 Violin

3.1 pounds

6.25 x 31.5 x 11 inches



Cremona SV-175

1.05 pounds

23.5 x 8.25 x 3.75 inches



Carlo Lamberti Sonata Violin


Individual violin

YMC Full Size Violin

4 pounds

23.3 x 9 x 2 inches



Yamaha YSV104

3.09 pounds

25.98 x 10.63 x 5.12 inches


Individual violin

Vangoa Violin

8 pounds

33 x 13 x 7 inches

Carbon Fiber, E bony

Individual violin

Paititi Violin

2.95 pounds

32 x 12 x 6 inches

Maple, E bony


1. Kennedy

Kennedy is the winner of the race of violins and will always be. It’s a brand that focuses more on sound experience than on price. All you’ll find in their store is one violin better than the other.

The brand qualifies to be called one of the best violin brands in the world due to its lifetime warranty. Violins, violas, electric violins, and whatnot they have in stock. Not a VSA (Violin Shaped Objects), but their violins truly set the standard for the others.

Bunnel Pupil Violin – Best Violin Everyway

Bunnel Pupil Violin
  • Material: Maple

  • Weight: 7.78 pounds

  • Dimension: 40.25 x 12 x 7.75 inches

If you want a violin that you can not only use as a beginner but as an intermediate player, chance Bunnel Pupil violin. Being extremely professional, the manufacturers include a lot for the price.

A Giuliani rosin, Giuliani Brazilwood bow, a set of extra strings, there’s much it comes with. That means you can hands down to the extra pair of strings if one goes out of order. Premium quality maple and spruce tonewood with a satin touch constitutes to shape its beautiful body that you would really want to have.

Amber, navy, or light, the case of your violin can vary. The manufacturer includes any of these colors cases. One sure thing, however, is its inner divisions which are exactly the same in each. Hygrometer, spacious area, Velcro straps for violin, and more make it valuable.

The bow that the violin includes consists of fine Mongolian hair, Ebony frog, and leather grips. This is what makes the sound reaching you more pleasant, having a perfect resonance. You’d surely love playing it for many months to come.


  1. Professional and spacious case
  2. Impeccable fittings and bow
  3. Hits the right tone
  4. Excellent customer support


  1. No dominant cons

2. Cecilio

Cecilio, also having a sub-brand name as Mendini, is a musical instruments company. Having a history and name from patroness, this brand comes up with the voices that touch the listener’s heart.

They aim to create violins that not only help the student learn but to play for a long time. Rancho Cucamonga, California, is the place where its masterpieces are given a profile. All of the company’s violins are handcrafted, keeping details in consideration.

Mendini By Cecilio Violin – Best Violin Kit for Beginner

Bunnel Pupil Violin
  • Material: Spruce

  • Weight: 5 pounds

  • Dimension: 32 x 12 x 5 inches

If you can’t afford those thousands of dollars violin, go for this one. Mendini is basically from Cecilio, which assures of it being a top-notch violin. It comes with two extra bows, rosin, a lesson book, and a bridge that you might need to set up once out of the box.

Consisting of maple at the back, the fingerboard of Ebony, and varnish as a finish, it is exquisite. The appearance of this violin is awe-inspiring. Not only that, but its sound is also amazing and far better than those local and cheap violins out there.

Take note; it also includes an adjustable shoulder strap. Getting a new one to pair with the violin would be better, however. The one coming along is a little bit uncomfortable, so you may not feel relaxed while playing.

As one of the best violin for beginners, it’s more wondrous than expected. Carrying it to your violin class is no more a problem. The package includes a case to keep your violin safe. There is a pocket on the case where you can fit something thin and small.


  1. Nice sound
  2. Easy to tune
  3. Affordable price tag
  4. Well-made case


  1. Pegs slip

3. Easter

From trumpets to drums and guitars to violins, Easter pours spirit in multiple musical instruments. Serving for 6 years, this company has set its mark. Making legendary primary and intermediate violins, they make sure the students enjoy while playing.

Price is the main element that gets its attention. Easter belief in creating the violins that fall under affordable categories. So, no violin student stays a pessimist. The tune they set in their violins is also admirable and no way less than any other brand.

Easter EVA-2 Violin – Best Violin for Beginner Child

Eastar EVA-2 Violin
  • Material: Spruce

  • Weight: 4.49 pounds

  • Dimension: 30.3 x 11.2 x 5.9 inches

Memorizing the fingerboard in the early stage of violin training is challenging, and Easter knows it. So, the manufacturer has pointed them for your ease. With rosin, bow, extra bridge, and a pair of extra strings, the violin includes everything extra, so you always stay practicing.

While the back wood of the violin is of Maplewood, the fingerboards are of pear wood. That said, the overall violin is well built. Know that the violin strings may be a bit technical for you to handle. In that case, consult your trainer to avoid damage.

Just as the case of the violin is beautiful, it is reliable. Thanks to this case that your violin stays in place and keeps you at peace. The sound it gives off is wonderful for the ears, and that’s for sure.

Coming in different sizes, the makers have a variety for both adults and kids. Despite your age, you can get one of your fit. The well-fitted pegs also make the experience worthy yet easy for beginners.


  1. Well-made case
  2. Includes plenty of accessories
  3. Comes set up
  4. Decent and giftable


  1. Tuning issue

4.   D Z Strad

The company from the USA, D Z Strad, is famous all around the globe. Along with the violins, violas, cellos, the brand is also efficient in making violin accessories like bows, cases, pegs, and tuners. This adds up to their success.

Appearance, sound, and high-quality material make its violin favorable for every player. Whether classical or modern, the company has mastery in creating every type of violin needed by the violinist. Suffice it is to say that the company is a gift for violin players.

D Z Strad LC101 – Most Expensive Violin Brand

D Z Strad LC101
  • Material: Maple, E bony, spruce

  • Weight: 5.19 pounds

  • Dimension: 32 x 12 x 6 inches

If you have a sufficient budget and you want to spend it on a high-quality violin, nothing could be better than this one. It gets you into playing right after coming out of the box. Although a bit expensive than many other violins out there, it has remarkable sound.

The violin comes with a shoulder rest, case, bow, and rosin. Not to mention, the bow is made from Brazilwood, while the rosin is D’Addario. That being said, it creates excellent friction between the violin and bow, allowing you to play incredibly.

No matter what your age is, the violin has multiple sizes you can go for. Keep in mind; you need to measure from the base of your neck to the mid of your palm to enjoy the most out of it.

Created of Maplewood at the back and Ebony pegs, it is made to last long. The credit to its sleek body goes to the varnish. Nothing less than the outstanding sound it produces. You’d definitely be glad to give it a go.


  1. Mind-blowing rosin
  2. Sturdy wood
  3. Multiple sizes
  4. Come ready to play


  1. Expensive

5. Stentor

Not only are Stentor violins good violins for beginners, but they also help professional play. Stentor is a specialized violin company, serving since 1895. Formerly located in South London, the company now has its foothold in China with 200 workers committed to manufacturing outclass violins.

To make sure quality stands ahead of price, they re-check every detail to make the violins to perfection. Size and pieces are all peeked before the final product leaves the station. Nothing rest to say about its experience as the company is known for more than a century.

Stentor II 1500 Violin – Best Violin for High School Student

Eastar EVA-2 Violin
  • Material: Spruce

  • Weight: 3.1 pounds

  • Dimension: 6.25 x 31.5 x 11 inches

Youtubers never recommend any outdated violin, and that’s for sure. So, this one comes from ‘the online piano tutor’ channel’s recommendation, and it’s so obvious why. It has all a beginner to intermediate player would want to have.

Stentor II is one of the best violins you could ever look forward to. It has decent Ebony fittings pegs, a Maplewood body, and a bow with the rosin cake included. Surprisingly, all at a price that fills the bill of an average earner. So, if you are one falling in the category, go for it.

Let’s not say that it’s a professional violin, no. Not at all. At least, it’s a violin that will prevent hindrance from your little one’s or maybe your path of violin practice. It produces rich and high sound with which you can surely impress your teacher soon.

The red label strings are somewhat its shortcoming. Although they do great, the inclusion of synthetic core strings would have done the best. Overall, it’s a nice violin with a reasonable price tag.


  1. Loud and rich sound
  2. Extremely appreciable built
  3. Adjustable straps
  4. Vibrant red case


  1. Nasty strings

6. Cremona

Antonio Stradivari’ and ‘Guarneri’ have a history with the company Cremona. Making violin turned out their family business, and they passed on their best techniques to their grandsons. This is why the company is still ruling even the centuries have passed by.

Even on this date, experts recommend using this company’s violin as a beginner. The apparent reasons are the classy and flawless instruments they come up with. Never in the past and not on this date is the company compromising on the sound quality.

Cremona SV-175 – Best Violin with Subtle Sound

Cremona SV-175
  • Material: Spruce

  • Weight: 1.05 pounds

  • Dimension: 23.5 x 8.25 x 3.75 inches

Ruling for more than 30 years as the best seller with SV-175, Cremona is the best violin brand. Although not for the professional, it has always stayed the best choice for the students. It’s both reasonable and excellently crafted so that the purpose you are buying it for gets fulfilled.

Unlike the Mendini MV300 that consumes a fraction of time to get into playing, it doesn’t. This is really easy to set up. Being manufactured in China makes no difference to the quality of this violin. It still has all the qualities of an ideal violin.

While it comes with the case and bow, it lacks the straps and an extra set of strings that most violins out there exist with. The strings are preludes. That also plays an important part in the meticulous sound of the violin.

To justify it as a high-quality violin, it’s made with maple with spruce on the top and fine varnishes. This keeps your violin elegant for months. Not to forget, the fingerboard and pegs are constructed with the Ebony, making it a premium selection.


  1. Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  2. Wonderful built
  3. Fabulous sound
  4. Great body and bridge


  1. Doesn’t include accessories

7. Carlo Lamberti

SHAR Music, having Carlo on its name, has earned fame. The brand is dedicated to creating violin for many years. They use the utmost quality materials and generate violins that are not only liked by beginners but appreciated by the experts.

A bit more expensive than other brands, it gets you the exact sound you crave to have from a violin. From craftsmanship to shipping, they delicately handle each of the processes. That’s what makes them the best violin brand.

Carlo Lamberti Sonata Violin – Best Violin for Intermediate Player

As an intermediate violin player, your concerns might be a bit more than a novice, and that’s so obvious. So, Carlo Lamberti has a violin just to fit right into your shoe.

The violin is made up of Maplewood with spruce on top and fine varnish touches. Collectively, this all states that the violin is worth the pennies and an exclusive piece.

Although a bit highly priced, the sound it produces is spectacular. It is definitely going to get you high grades in your next violin class. Maybe heavy bill for the beginner’s pocket, as an intermediate player, it’s a must-have for you.

Take note, neither it has rosin nor a bow and case. That means all of these extras buying falls on your part.


  1. Exclusive finishes
  1. Easy to tune
  2. Warm, velvety sound
  1. Appealing body


  1. No as such

8. YMC

YMC, Youth Music Center, is basically a London-based musical institute. Since 1967, they are on this ambition to help children learn the basics of music, specifically violin. Numerous teachers are conducting sessions there.

The background of the company reveals its dedication to music. Not only have they won various awards, but they have achieved their target by making the best violins for beginners. They create the best violins under the advice of experts and teachers recommendations.

YMC Full Size Violin – Best Violin for Students

Cremona SV-175
  • Material: Spruce

  • Size: 4 pounds

  • Dimensions: 23.3 x 9 x 2 inches

To assure a beginner can start playing right on, YMC includes a lot in the package. It is a complete kit consisting of everything from bow to its rosin and shoulder rest to the case. When it comes out of the box, it is all set for you to play, except for the bridge.

Red, pink, purple, white, and a few more, there is a number of colors YMC violin has to offer. So, if you prefer funkiness everywhere in your life, getting it is a good option.

Made out of fine Brazilwood and Mongolian horsehair, it has a great quality bow. Know that the violin might occupy a little time to rosin. Unlike other violins, it includes much for the price. Mute, polish cloth, hanger, and timer, for instance.

If compared for sound, it is pretty decent as a starter. Perhaps, you won’t admire it much if you have passed the entry stage in musical classes.


  1. Handcrafted pieces
  2. Includes a lot along with violin
  3. Reasonable price
  4. Spectrum of colors


  1. Not so good sound

9. Yamaha

From best beginner violins for adults and novice players, Yamaha has a range of violins. The company has years of experience in musical instruments while running a violin institute successfully.

Besides structuring acoustic violins, Yamaha also keeps pace with the new world. It generates excellent electric violins that are worth the pennies. Although a Japanese company, the violins of the brand manufactures in China. Despite the manufacturing place, their violins are impeccable.

Yamaha YSV104 – Best Electric Violin for Beginners

Cremona SV-175
  • Material: Spruce

  • Weight: 3.09 pounds

  • Dimensions: 25.98 x 10.63 x 5.12 inches

If you want a quiet but not silent practicing way, Yamaha YSV104 can please you in the best possible way. When played in a dark room in the night, its sound is incredible. You can feel every rhythm while enjoying your practice.

It sounds great, both with and without the headphones. The jack it comes with allows you to plug it into any other device like a laptop or desktop computer. Having that said, you can have a piece of background music to play the violin on.

As an electric violin for beginners, it is much to have. Neither it includes chord or amp, nor does the violin have the case for transportation. All of this buying falls on your part. Overall, it’s a pretty decent and acceptable buy.

Silent from Yamaha has a body of Maplewood with spruce on the front. While the fittings and pegs are of Ebony. These pegs are really easy to reset. However, if that’s new to you, approach a luthier to get the job done.


  1. Includes headphones
  2. Looks stunning
  3. Top-notch body material
  4. Satisfying sound


  1. Lacks extras, especially case

10. Vangoa

Vangoa has a number of musical instruments, so they are familiar with the crisp and clear sounds. Keeping in mind the reliability of players, Vangoa built violins that are easy to deal with. Drums, guitars, and whatnot can you find in their store.

Vangoa Violin – Best Violin with Digital Tuner

Vangoa Violin
  • Material: Carbon Fiber, E bony

  • Weight: 8 pounds

  • Dimensions: 33 x 13 x 7 inches

To prevent you from dumping your hands into buying extras, Vagnoa’s violin comes with all the accessories included. Bow, strings, case, rosin, bridge, and every piece to start right on are in there. Surprisingly, all this comes at a cost you can surely afford.

When it comes to carrying a case, it’s thickly padded. This padding makes sure that you can transport your violin here and there with ease. Take note; if the violin isn’t all according to your demand, you can return it within 45 days. The company has a return policy.

It is one of the best violins to buy not only because of the beauty it carries but for the tuner. The digital tuner it has eases your tuning so far. Stay certain; you need to adjust the tuner to get it working.

While the back of the violin is made out of Maplewood, its frontal part consists of spruce with varnish finishes on it. That’s how it looks appealing without leaving any black paint stain on your hands when you play.


  1. Classical appearance
  2. 45 days return policy
  3. Comes in different sizes
  4. Clear sound


  1. String need improvement

11. Fiddlerman

Fiddlerman’s violin is regarded as one of the best violin brands. They make each of their pieces with special attention. Having an expert violinist like ‘Fierre Holistan’ in the company, makers have a plus.

Before allowing their violins to dispense, the company assesses individual violin. Alone the finest and well-made violins leave the station. Professionalism in their work and detailed inspection of their creations have marked their identity.

Fiddlerman Concert Violin Outfit – Best Violin for Advanced Student

Vangoa Violin
  • Material: Carbon Fiber, Ebony

  • Weight: 8 pounds

  • Dimensions: 33 x 13 x 7 inches

Fiddlerman crafts all of its violin in Florida, and that’s what makes their violin the best. The concert violin is a complete kit. Bow, rosin, shoulder strap, and case, it includes it all. So, nothing could stop you from stepping into your violin class.

Out of the box, it is beautiful, all due to excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Ebony, which is a trusted and best material for violin, is included in it. Whether front, back, or fittings, everything is of Ebony, which makes it even more worthy.

There rest no doubt about the sound quality of the violin as it’s tested. Passing several stages, this has popped up in the market. If you prefer to have synthetic core strings, getting it would be your best decision. It has one.

One thing more is its bow. The carbon fiber bow with the outfit is outstanding and gets you the unmatchable sound. Not only is it the best beginner violin brand but for the experts.


  1. Excellent craftsmanship
  2. Smooth pegs
  3. Powerful sound
  4. Comfortable to hold


  1. No as such

12. Paititi

The Sky is a parent brand, having ‘Patiti’ under its name. Both of the brands are definite in their purpose and generate violins that are best appreciated by the players. Durable, reliable, affordable, and entry-level violin is what you can get from the brand.

Stepping into the musical journey back in 2002, Sky has turned out one of the most trustable violin brands. It modifies its instruments, keeping in mind the new world’s requirements.

Paititi Violin – Best Violin with Rainproof Case

  • Material: Carbon Fiber, Ebony

  • Weight: 2.95 pounds

  • Dimensions: Maple, E bony

Paititi has a starter kit for you if you are a beginner violin player. Including bow, resin, set of extra string, shoulder straps, and much more, Patiti makes sure you encounter no hassle. It’s absolutely one of the best violin brands for beginners.

Not only is its violin exclusive, but the case. It’s made up of canvas exteriorly, allowing you to travel with your violin even on rainy days. Interiorly, it is padded in the main compartment with two specifics areas to position bows.

Take note; the violin won’t generate any sound without the application of rosin. For the first time, the manufactures advice to rub the rosin cake for 5 minutes on the bow. Also, wiping it off after practice would make the violin last longer.

While the tuner is easy to set on position, the shoulder straps are also contented. You can practice with the instrument for long hours if the very next day is your assessment. Alone its shortcoming is the bridge which stays falling due to loose pegs.


  1. Convenient tuning
  2. Works well for beginner
  3. Sleek body
  4. Pretty decent sound


  1. Loose pegs

Guide to Buy the Best Violin for Yourself

While you think the best violin is right in your front gate, we know it isn’t. Alone the reviews of the violins and subtle know-how of the brand can’t get you your desired piece. Keeping that in mind, here we have positioned this section.

Remember, violins are never cheap, no matter what brand. So, check out these pointers.

Quality Check

Everything comes in different qualities, and so is the story for violin. In terms of quality, all we mean is the material check. When you step on to buy a violin, make sure to check the bow, strings, and wood material one has.

In most cases, manufacturers use maple as their core ingredient for violin. There’s no wrong with that. However, all you need to remember is that these violins are mostly made for beginners and intermediate, not professionals. Same as that, pick up a bow with Brazilwood and fine horsehair.


An easy-to-play violin keeps the key to your comfortability and for obvious reasons. To have a worthy experience while learning or playing, buy the perfect violin size.

The easiest method to know what violin is best for you is to measure from the base of the neck to the mid-palm with your hand perpendicular to the body.

You would also be able to pass your violin test if you’d be contented. With that said, your shoulder straps should be adjustable besides being sturdy. Tuning of the tuner and setting pegs   should also be no time-taking process.

Accessories Inclusion

Out there, you’ll come across several violins. Some as a kit with complete accessories and others as single violin. If you are a novice and have no specific knowledge of violin as a subject, we would suggest to go for a kit.

While an intermediate player probably has firsthand knowledge, the beginner is clueless. Also, included accessories are always beneficial with the case as a cherry on top. These cases are always a game-changer for traveling with violin. Make sure one’s no heavyweight.


You’d definitely not going to know much about a violin’s sound if you buy it online. Well, in that case, you have to eye on the reviews. The reviews can get you a sound suggestion about your next step in this buying.

One thing more you can go for is asking for help from an expert. Whether teacher or friend, if one on your radar is a violinist expert, taking advice from them can be really fruitful. Buying in-store, on the contrary, solves this problem as you can check out the certainty yourself.

 Quick Reminder: Need not worry about the sound a lot at the first attempt. The sound of the violin gets better with time .


Setting a budget always keeps you from disappointments you can come up with later on. Having that said, look for a violin that fits your bill. Buying a cheap violin for beginner do the trick in majority cases but not for intermediate.

Past beginner stage, requirements are a bit more. As an advanced learner, you can’t survive with a low-cost violin because that obviously does not produce top-notch sound. So, better raise your budget till reaching that level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good violin brands?

All of the above-stated brands are the best violins brands. Each of them produces exquisite models than the other. You can totally rely on any of these, thanks to their handcrafted designs.

What is a good beginner violin?

A good beginner violin is made out of fine wood, specifically Maplewood. Its tuners and pegs are easy to set with a perfect size bridge in between.

As a beginner violin, this violin doesn’t have a professional sound but is still pretty acceptable. Both an individual violin and kit exist for beginners. However, their price differs from others.

What violin should I buy?

Your stage in the violin journey indicates the type of violin you should buy. If you are a novice, you need to keep a check on things with different mindsets and budgets. While having a premium quality violin is a must-have for a professional or advanced learner.

How much do violins cost?

Violins cost a lot than you think. However, there are certain price limits for each level’s buyer. Violin price for beginners mostly ranges between $100-$270. For the intermediates, it is a bit high and is mostly somewhere between $400-$1400.

The most classified level, i.e., professional, is recommended to have one with the price tag of $1500-$25000. High-priced violins have better quality, and no one can deny it.

What are the best violin strings made of?

The material of one violin string differs from the other. Where a few makers prefer gut, the other goes with steel core strings. You’d also see nylon strings in the market.

The best string among all of them is of steel. As steel doesn’t undergo changes in a different atmosphere, most manufacturers produce violin with it. Also, the sound it generates is clear and pleasant.

Final Thoughts

Playing the violin is enjoyable when you have one from a renowned brand. That’s why we lined up the best violin brands with their exclusive violins. All of these violins are equally reliable while differ in the price point and a few accessories inclusion.

We hope this guide was helpful for you to reach a decision. If yes, do let us know in the comment section.